Power BI Forums

A forum is a place for discussion, but mostly it’s the place to get your questions answered. There are some very good forums for Power BI with a lot of activity and a high chance your question will get answered quickly.

Below a list of some of the best Power BI forums out there.

Official Power BI

Microsoft’s official Power BI forum is very active. It has over 12.000 threads and 70.000 posts; a great resource to find answers!

TechNet Power BI

The Power BI section of the TechNet Forum has over 8.000 threads and more than 40.000 posts. Another great place to get questions answered.


The forum has over a 1.000 threads and over 5.000 posts, mostly about PowerPivot.

Stack Overflow Power BI Forum

Stack Overflow has over a 1.000 threads tagged Power BI with over 3000 posts in total. Not all questions get answered quickly from what I see; but according to Imke Feldmann at The Biccountant it does contain high quality Power Query M solutions. It also has useful tags for Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query, DAX, M, etc.

Mr. Excel Power BI

Over 2.000 threads, but the amount of replies on these threads is not that high.

The Excel Guru

Over 250 threads and over a 1.000 posts. About 75% is about Power Query, the rest mostly on Power Pivot.

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