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The goal of Power BI central is to provide a central hub from where the vast amount of information about Power BI can be found. The aim is to continuously update all articles on all the available resources. The Power BI reports that show resources (Blogs, Ideas, Books) are automatically updated (Blogs daily, Ideas and Books weekly).

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The Author: Folker Visser

I am a Business Intelligence Architect and Project Lead at Avanade in The Netherlands. I have over 10 years experience with large scale BI implementations at several international clients. The last 2 years my work has mainly focused on Power BI implementations. Power BI to me is a great leap forward in quickly and intuitively creating something from nothing; in a matter of days unstructured data in multiple sources can be transformed and combined to generate powerful insights.


Any opinion on this site is entirely my own and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Avanade.

Thanks to

Aram Smith, Ryan Price, Bas van den Putten, Jeroen van Steenbergen (Avanade), Jeroen ter Heerdt – the Dutch Data Dude – and Joris Valkonet (Microsoft).

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